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2003-04-20 8:55 p.m.
Date Me Contest: 2.0

And since last year�s competition was such a tremendous success, welcome to the 2nd annual "Date With Sara Nosh Contest!" All you have to do to enter is send an email titled "Date Contest" to [email protected] including the following information:

1) Name/ Age/ Location

2) Favorite book/ Favorite movie/ Favorite Spice Girl (and why)

3) Description of your perfect date� None of this walking on the beach, hand in hand bullshit

4) What you�d call yourself if you were a rapper

5) Your best pirate joke

6) One reference (non-work related) complete with telephone number

Both sexes are welcome. No picture is necessary (but is suggested). Don�t worry; my husband is aware of the rules and is fully prepared to apply with all of the other contestants. Emails will be opened on Friday, April 25 where I (and council) will meet in private, debate your personality flaws, and select a winner. Contest winner shall be notified within 12 hours after the meeting and is obligated to pay for the date. Only one email per person please. Have fun with your entry and good luck!

Disclaimer: Just like the prior year� You shall be automatically disqualified if any of your answers start out with "So this one time, I was trippin' balls and..." I am also not responsible for your transportation to and from the date if in case you reside outside of Houston, Tx.

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